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Dedication of the Day

Father, I dedicate this new day to you;
as I go about my work.
I ask you to bless those with whom I come in contact.

Lord, I pray for all men and women
who work to earn their living;
give them satisfaction in what they do.

Spirit of God, comfort the unemployed and their families;
they are your children and my brothers and sisters.
I ask you to help them find work soon.

Prayer to St. Gregory Barbarigo

St. Gregory Barbarigo, you had all the skills
for a successful life in politics, but instead
dedicated yourself to serving the Church.
Because of the valuable skills that you were blessed with,
soon you were named a Bishop, and then Cardinal.
You were given responsibility for the diocese in Padua, Italy,
and you led the Church there with wisdom.
You reorganized and enlarged the seminaries in that region,
adding a library and a printing press,
working hard to carry out the reforms
that the Church was encouraging at the time.

Prayer to St. William of Vercelli

St. William of Vercelli,
You were a father to your monks
and a shepherd to your people.
Pray for us that we might have our sight restored,
that we might see with the eyes of our hearts and souls,
God’s presence in and around us.
Teach us to nourish our spiritual journeys with prayer
so that we too might be instruments
of God’s light and love to others.
In the spirit of St. Benedict help us
to be people of hospitality
who let our work become prayer.
Let us find God in each other.



In early October 2021, Pope Francis formally opened the synod process at the Vatican with the theme: “For a Synodal Church: Communion, Participation, and Mission,” that calls for full participation of members of the Church and gives voice to people, especially

Lord, Give Me a Good Night

Lord, You light my way when all grows dark,
when I grow anxious or confused.

You are my solace at night
my comfort when I’m down,
my light, my guide.

Lord, it’s at night,
when I’m all alone
with my aches and pains,
and my worrisome thoughts,
and wearisome tossings and turnings
that I feel it the most,
feel the burden if illness,
and how I wish to get better.

Lord help me to have a good night.
Help me to find peaceful sleep,
protect me while I rest,
keep watch over me in repose,

Let Your Light Lead Me

Risen Lord, Your Spirit moves
within the hearts of all people.
May I let Your light, love, faith and hope
lead me all the days of my life.

Lord, Your voice is gentle and reassuring.
Open my ears to hear Your word of love
and help me to trust and follow You.

Marian Prayer of St. Ephrem

O Immaculate and wholly-pure Virgin Mary,
Mother of God, Queen of the world,
hope of those who are in despair:
You are the joy of the saints;
you are the peacemaker between sinners and God;
you are the advocate of the abandoned,
the secure haven of those who are on the sea of the world;
you are the consolation of the world,
the ransom of slaves,
the comforter of the afflicted.
O great Queen, we take refuge
in your protection.
After God, you are all my hope.
We bear the name of your servants;