Dear Jesus,
We hope for many things - success, adequate resources,
health for ourselves and for those dear to us,
and other genuinely good desires.
Yet in the long run, what we really need
is to grow in friendship with You.
May this day provide the opportunity to take
some time out to be with You
and share our thanks and hopes.


— By a Columban Missionary

Holy Guardian Angel Prayer

O Holy Angel, attendant of my wretched soul
and of my afflicted life, do not forsake me, a sinner,
or depart from me for my inconstancy.
Give no place to the evil demon to subdue me
with the oppression of this mortal body;
but take me by my outstretched hand,
and lead me in the way of salvation.
O Holy Angel of God, the guardian and protector
of my hapless soul and body, forgive me all things
that have troubled you, all the days of my life,
and if I have sinned in anything this day.
Shelter me in this present night,

Criminalizing Compassion


The claim of a number of political leaders in the recent past to be protecting the Judeo/Christian civilization has not gone unnoticed. However, when this claim is justified by the rejection of the humanity and selfhood of immigrants and others seeking safety it has the density of cigarette paper. First,

On Mission and on the Move

When I arrived in Japan the Columban missionaries had almost 50 parishes scattered over four different areas. Of those most of them were in cities with the exception of two. One of the latter which I ended up in was in the prefecture of Wakayama, and was called Ryujin, or the Dragon

Prayer to St. Therese of the Child Jesus

I greet you, Saint Therese of the Child Jesus,
lily of purity, ornament and glory of Christianity!
I salute you, great saint, Seraph of Divine Love.

I rejoice at the favors our Blessed Lord Jesus
has liberally bestowed on you.

In humility and confidence I ask you to help me,
for I know that God has given you charity and pity
as well as power.

Oh then, behold my distress, my anxiety, my fears.
Oh, tell Him now my wants.
One sigh from you will crown my success
and fill me with joy.

St. Jerome’s Prayer for Christ’s Mercy

O Lord, show Your mercy to me and gladden my heart.
I am like the man on the way to Jericho
who was overtaken by robbers,
wounded and left for dead.
O Good Samaritan, come to my aid,
I am like the sheep that went astray.
O Good Shepherd, seek me out
and bring me home in accord with Your will.
Let me dwell in Your house all the days of my life
and praise You for ever and ever with those who are there.


Prayer to Sts. Michael, Gabriel and Raphael

Heavenly King, You have given us archangels
to assist us during our pilgrimage on earth.
Saint Michael is our protector;
I ask him to come to my aid,
fight for all my loved ones,
and protect us from danger.
Saint Gabriel is a messenger of the Good News;
I ask him to help me
clearly hear Your voice
and to teach me the truth.
Saint Raphael is the healing angel;
I ask him to take my need for healing
and that of everyone I know,
lift it up to Your throne of grace
and deliver back to us the gift of recovery.

Faith in Our Hearts

During difficult times, we may find ourselves asking, “To what or to whom do we hang on or cling to? What keeps us moving?”

I suppose, it is our faith! We’ve got to believe in something, or someone. For us, Catholics, we believe in God, the God who is full of goodness, mercy and compassion. We believe that something good will come out difficult situations. We don’t know how or when, but we believe. We have faith in our hearts.