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Prayer to St. Francisco Marto

Most Holy Trinity,
Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
I adore You profoundly

A Faithful Follower of God

When I was young, my family was not religious or active in the parish. My father had a different belief and hated the Catholic faith, especially…

A President’s Day Prayer

Gracious Lord, we ask that God guide
our president with spiritual wisdom

The Sweetness of Heaven

O God, in Your providence
You inspired blessed John of Fiesole

Life’s Journey

Lord, You desire to be with me
and walk with me along life’s journey.

Soften My Heart

Lord, You are the mercy and compassion
of God in the world.

A Life Unlike Our Own

The world faced devastation during the time of the coronavirus pandemic. Millions of people have died, and many others have suffered and continue…

Weekly Prayer - I Start Here

Lord, time is so precious. 
Time to heal and be healed, 

Your Forgiveness

Heavenly Father,
look upon me and hear my prayer
during this holy Season of Lent.

A Sign of Our Repentance

Almighty and merciful God, grant us the grace