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Release My Heart from Bitterness

Lord, release me from any unforgiveness
I’ve harbored in my heart,
and bitterness I’ve allowed to linger,
any resentments I’ve allowed to simmer,
anything that stops You from healing me within.

Renew my inner being.
Give to my spirit Your peace,
and give to my body the ability to function well.
As I sense your goodness within me
may I feel whole, so that I may savor
Your peace and goodness within
the innermost center of my being.


Your Golden Rule

Lord, You answer when I call for help.
Help me to put Your golden rule into practice
that I may be a source of healing and love for others.
Help me to be mindful of others’ needs
and treat others as I wish to be treated.


Within My Heart

“I won’t be buying green bananas again!” was Fr. Bernard’s greeting as I approached his hospital bed. He had phoned me earlier that day, requesting that I come to visit him. After we exchanged a few pleasantries, he

God of All Creation

Lord God almighty, Father of Jesus Christ,
Your dear Son through whom
we have come to know You,
God of the angels and powers,
God of all creation,
God of those who live in Your presence,
the race of the just: I bless You.
You have considered me worthy of this day,
worthy to be numbered with the martyrs
and to drink the cup of Your Anointed One,
and thus to rise and live forever,
body and soul, in the incorruptibility
of the Holy Spirit.

Prayer for Ash Wednesday

Gracious God, on Ash Wednesday we begin
a period of inner reflection and examination. 
The days of Lent stretch before me 
and invite me inward to that silent, 
holy space   that holds Your Spirit. 
This special time beckons me to see my life 
through Christ's eyes and the truth and reality 
of Your love incarnate. 
Give me the grace to live these days 
with anticipation of our meeting.
And, when I open my soul to Your presence, 
let Your loving kindness flow over me 
and seep into the pockets of my heart.