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Farewell Fr. J.J.

It was just before midday on Holy Thursday when the Archbishop called to say he would be around shortly to say farewell to Fr. J.J. Some time later, he arrived. The Archbishop of Suva is Dr. Peter Loy Chong, and he was accompanied by his Vicar General, Fr. Sulio Turagakadivi and

Unending Love

Jesus, our brother and our Lord,
you have come to save us
because God loves us with a deep and unending love.
You have given us Mary, Your mother,
to be our mother too,
and invite us to follow her example.
On earth she was a woman of faith and prayer,
of obedience to God's will,
always ready to serve in any way.
Jesus, help us show our undying love,
so that we may serve God faithfully in our daily living.

Dedication to Jesus

Lord Jesus Christ, take all my freedom,
my memory, my understanding, and my will.
All that I have and cherish You have given me.
I surrender it all to be guided by Your will.
Your love and Your grace are wealth enough for me.
Give me these, Lord Jesus,
I ask for nothing more.



Dear Jesus, I try to come to You as I am,
though I know that I do try to give a good appearance,
to show off my best self.
Yet, You accept me with all the pretense,
with all my faults and failings.
Your mercy and understanding
brings healing to my heart.
You call me to simplicity, to be like Nathaniel,
a person without guile.
I come to realize that all that I am
and all that I have is Your gift.
That to be my true self, I need to
give myself away as You did.
Your love calls me to love in turn.


Glorious St. Charles

O glorious St. Charles Borromeo,
the father of the clergy,
and the perfect model of holy prelates!
You are that good pastor, who, like your divine Master,
gave up your life for your flock, if not by death, at least
by the numerous sacrifices of your painful mission.
Your sanctified life on earth was a spur to the most fervent,
your exemplary penance was a reproach to the slothful,
and your untiring zeal was the support of the Church.

A Meal that Comforts

It was in November 2020 that I first met Mike (not his real name). I was going to my office after home visitation in the urban areas of the Malate parish (Philippines) to interview candidates for the parish Soup Kitchen (aka. Feeding Program). While waiting for the walk sign to cross at the

Send Me Your Assistance

I give You thanks, O Lord,
for granting me time even now to atone for my sins.
My good God, I am heartily sorry for having offended You.
Send me Your assistance,
that I may apply the time yet remaining to me
for Your love and service;
have compassion on me, and, at the same time,
on the holy souls suffering in Purgatory.

O Mary, Mother of God,
come to their assistance
with Your powerful intercession.

Greater Good for All

This year International World Ocean’s Day ( June 8) focused attention on the theme Revitalization: Collective Action for the Ocean. Columban missionaries worldwide are collaborating to raise awareness, share stories and inspire change in local communities and at international events, for the protection and care of oceans.