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Meaning in Life

Some words in Japanese are hard to translate. The reason is that there are many, many years of cultural feeling and experience behind the words.…

Our Source of Life

Father, our source of life,
I reach out with joy to grasp Your hand;

Spirit of Truth

O Holy Spirit,
Spirit of truth, come into our hearts;

Intercession Prayer

Lord, make this person a true evangelist of Yours,

Go Home

Racism is a specific form of discrimination and exclusion faced by minority groups. It is based on the false belief that some races are inherently…

Your Healer and Bishop

Grant to us, O Lord our God,
the power to implore Your healer and bishop,

Weekly Prayer - Lord, Renew My Very Being

Lord, just as a flower can radiate its precious beauty,  

O Humble St. Margaret

O humble St. Margaret of Cortona,
when you decided to follow Jesus


Pope Francis’ pastoral visit to Iraq in the midst of the pandemic as a Pilgrim Penitent and as a Pilgrim of Peace put me thinking. Age and…

Your Word of Life

Lord, during this Lenten Season,
nourish me with Your Word of life