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Risking All for Christ

As the Columban Sisters celebrate their centennial year, Sarah Mac Donald speaks to Congregational Leader Sr. Anne Carbon about her life as a…

Dear Holy Spirit

Dear Holy Spirit, You are my friend.
I give You myself.

O Glorious St. Columba

O Glorious St. Columba, whom God unveiled the Angels

Marvel of God’s Creation

Holy Mother, you are the marvel of God's creation;
a Virgin's heart, yet a Mother's too,

Full Steam Ahead

In these days of 2024, Columban Sisters throughout the world fi nd our thoughts and our hearts turning back one hundred years towards our first…

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

Lord Jesus,
let my heart never rest until it finds You,

Coming to Life

Dear Jesus,
As Spring comes we see a great coming to life 

O Blessed Savior

Come, O blessed Savior,
and nourish my soul with heavenly Food,

The Columban Sisters' Centenary

A natural starting point in our reflection on the early pioneers of the Missionary Sisters of St. Columban is the first Superior General, Mother…

One Shepherd

Heavenly Father, look upon our community of faith