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In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue in search of treasured spices from the Philippines, but in a lost state managed to bump into the Americas and pick up buckets of gold instead. This marked the beginning of centuries of pillage and slavery with the beneficiary the royal coffers of mother Spain. Franciscans, Dominicans, Jesuits and others followed the plunder trail, bringing the Good News of a God that loves all creation, as portrayed in our scriptures.

A Prayer for Humanity

Bless us all, O Lord, we pray,
for loved ones, here and near, and far away.
And everyone for whom we pray.
Keep us safe each night and day,
the homeless who have no place to stay.
Those who are suffering in any way.
The dying, those mourning or grieving
and all who need God's mercy.
Keep us safe, Heavenly Father,
when we are at home,
or travelling on our way,
or when we are vulnerable,
or in danger in any way.
Most merciful Father,
hear us as we pray for the souls in Purgatory,
or who may be sent there some day.

Prayer to St. Agatha

Lord God, You showered heavenly gifts
on the virgin Agatha.
Hear the prayers of those who recall 
her devoted life and who ask her to intercede 
for them in their necessity.
Help us to imitate her virtue during our earthly life
and enjoy eternal happiness with her in heaven.


O Father of Mercies

O Father of mercies,
from whom comes all that is good,
I offer my humble petitions to You
through the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus,
Your dearly beloved Son,
our Lord and Redeemer.
Grant me the grace of a lively faith,
a firm hope and an ardent charity toward You
and toward my neighbor.
Grant me also the grace to be truly sorry
for all my sins together with a firm purpose
of never offending You again; that so I may
be enabled to live always according
to Your divine good-pleasure,

Prayer to St. Blaise

Dear St. Blaise, bishop and lover of souls,
you willingly bore heavy crosses 
in faithful imitation of Jesus.
Similarly, with Christlike compassion,
you cured many sufferers.
Then after undergoing horrible tortures
you died as a martyr for Christ.
Obtain a cure for my ills
if this is agreeable to God.


Another Historic First

Readers of these pages may be getting used to the name of Xavier College, Ba, after being handed over to the Parish of Christ the King on Jan 1, 2021, and from the founding of a unique and multifaith charity arm called “From Mind to Heart” which continues to give groceries and help students during the pandemic-related lockdowns.

The Wonder of Jesus

The angels beheld the wonder of Jesus
and they said: O Wonder.
The Virgin enters into the Holy of Holies.
O Mary, you are the precious Ark of God:
no profane hand may touch you.
But the lips of the faithful will never cease
to sing your praise, repeating with joy
the angel's word:
O pure Virgin, you are indeed raised
above all creatures.