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Prayer of St. Cyril of Alexandria

We honor you, O Mary, Mother of God,
treasure of the universe, inextinguishable flame,
scepter of the true faith, indestructible temple,
and Mother and Virgin.
In your womb you enclosed the immense and
incomprehensible One.
Through you the Trinity is glorified
and the cross is celebrated and adored
everywhere on earth.
Through you the heavens exult with joy,
the angels and archangels are glad,
the demon tempter is cast out of heaven,
and our fallen nature has again
been assumed into heaven.

Take the Risk

I have been working with the youth at Our Mother of Divine Mercy Village (the Philippines) for some years now. The last few years have been beyond compare. I remember kicking off 2020 with the youth in a gathering to consolidate our intentions and identify activities for the whole year.

Sacred Heart of Jesus

O most Sacred Heart of Jesus,
fountain of every blessing,
I adore You, I love You
and with true sorrow for my sins,
I offer You this poor heart of mine.
Make me humble, patient, pure
and wholly obedient to Your will.
Grant, good Jesus, that I may live
in You and for You.
Protect me in the midst of danger,
comfort me in my afflictions,
give me health of body,
assistance in my temporal needs,
Your blessing on all that I do,
and the grace of a holy death.


Prayer to St. John the Baptist

O most zealous St. John the Baptist, who,
without working any miracle on others,
but solely by the example of your life of penance
and the power of your word,
you drew the multitudes, in order to dispose them 
to receive the Messiah worthily
and to listen to His heavenly doctrine;
grant that it may be given unto us,
by means of your example of a holy life
and the exercise of every good work,
to bring many souls to God,
but above all those souls
that are enveloped in the darkness of error
and ignorance.

Prayer to St. Thomas More

Dear St. Thomas More, in your earthly life,
you were a model of diligence.
You shunned procrastination,
applied yourself with fervor to your studies,
and spared no effort in achieving mastery in any skill.
Through your prayers and intercession,
obtain for me the virtue of diligence and persistence
in my preparations for all undertakings and the fortitude
to always pursue them.

Prayer to St. Aloysius Gonzaga

St. Aloysius Gonzaga,
I, your most unworthy client,
commend to you most earnestly
the chastity of my mind and body.
I ask you, for the sake of your angelic purity,
to commend me to the immaculate Lamb, Christ Jesus,
and to His most holy Mother, the Virgin of virgins;
and to protect me from every grievous sin.
O most tender and gracious saint,
Awaken in me the thought of eternity
and of Jesus crucified;
imprint deeply in my heart
a lively sense of the holy fear of God;
set me on fire with the love of God;

Queen of the Summer Skies

Soft and blue are your robes, my Mother,
Azure and clear as an angel's eyes -
Let me hide in them, oh, my Mother -
Radiant Queen of the summer skies!
Softly piled on the far horizon
Smoky white clouds drifting here and there;
These the border on your blue mantle -
Mother most holy...
Virgin most fair!
Deep and blue and wide is the ocean -
Deep as the call of its peace to me;
Jeweled and shining...
Your veil, my Mother?
Your silvered veil, oh Star of the sea?