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Our Embracing Refuge

O Mary, Mother of God
as you are above all creatures
in Heaven and Earth,
more glorious than the Cherubim,
more noble than any here below,
Christ has given you to His people,
to shield and save sinners who fly to you.
Therefore O Lady, all embracing refuge,
we solemnly recall your sweet protection,
and beg Christ forever for His mercy.


The Poet and the Saint

“In the fire of images,        
I put my hand.”

George Mackay Brown
George Mackay Brown

Selected Works by George Mackay Brown

  • “The Storm” (1954)
  • “Loaves and Fishes” (1959)
  • “Greenvoe” (1972)
  • “Magnus” (1973)
  • “Vinland” (1992)
  • “Beside the Ocean Time”(1994)
  • “For the Islands I Sing: An Autobiography” (1996).
  • Biography: “George Mackay Brown: No Separation,” by Alison Gray (2016).

Boats in Stromness Harbour
Stromness Harbour

Jesus, Sweet Master

Jesus, my sweet Master, I love You so much,
help me to be like You want me to be.
I am so small and poor, but You, Jesus,
who are my Master, can help me,
You must help me to change.
I always want to live united with You,
like the shoot with the vine, and I want
my brothers to know and love You by means of me.
Jesus, sweet Master, Your kindness is immense.
Let joy be read on my face
and the security of being a son of God.
When You come into my heart, give me your peace,
let me feel that You are with me, to face together

Prayer for the Present Moment

Dear God, I spend so much time reliving yesterday
or anticipating tomorrow that I lose sight
of the only time that is really mine,
the present moment.
You give today one moment at a time.
That's all I have, all I ever will have.
Give the faith which knows that each moment
contains exactly what is best for me.
Give the hope which trusts You enough
to forget past failings and future trials.
Give the love which makes each moment
an anticipation of eternity with You.
We ask this in the name of Jesus

Lord, Give Me Courage

Lord, give me the courage to accept the painful,
ugly realities of life and become Your advocate
of truth and justice in the world.
Lord, keep me from becoming complacent.
Give me a sense of justice and fill my heart
with charity for all God’s people.

Help Me Know and Hate My Sins

O my God, I beg You,
in the name of Your Divine Son,
to give me the grace of knowing,
hating, and making up for my sins
and failures in Your service.
Grant that I may know and hate my sins
just as You know and hate them.
Help me to know and hate them now,
just as I shall know and hate them
when I stand before You, O Jesus,
as my Judge, the moment after I die.

Come and See

On Saturday July 23, 2022, Columban seminarians and their formator held two Come and See programs together in Fiji. The day long face-to-face program was conducted at the Columban Formation House and was attended by