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Advent Retreat

Each year, at the beginning of December, as those around him begin preparing their Christmas shopping list, Ben begins preparing his fishing gear. Then, as family members and friends make plans for Christmas parties, Ben heads off with a few close friends to spend a long weekend at a remote lakeside village.

Prayer for Doctors

Thank you, O Lord, for doctors.
Give them insight and knowledge
tp understand and diagnose.
Steady their hand by Your strong hand.
Look over their shoulder O Lord,
and endow them with power to heal in Your Name.
Through Jesus Christ Our Lord.


My God I Love You

My God, I love You;
not because I hope for heaven,
or fear being eternally lost.
You, O my Jesus,
embraced me upon the cross;
bore the nails and spear, and disgrace.
And countless griefs and torments 
and sweat of agony; even death itself,
and all for one who was Your enemy.
Then why, O blessed Jesus Christ
should I not love You?
not for the hope of winning heaven,
or of escaping hell.
not with the hope of gaining anything,
nor seeking a reward,
but as You have loved me,
O ever-loving Lord!

Pour Forth Your Grace

Pour forth, Your grace into our hearts O Lord;
that as we know the incarnation of Christ,
Your Son by the message of an angel,
we may be brought to the glory
of His resurrection by His passion
on the cross.
Through the same Christ, our Lord.


Land of Dreams

The Columban parish of Sagrado Corazón de Jesús is located on the “pampa” (desert plains) above the port city of Iquique in a municipality called Alto Hospicio. When the Columbans first came to the diocese of Iquique more than forty years ago, there were only a few scattered temporary wooden dwellings,

Faith That Risks All

She was a young Jewish girl who was engaged to the young village carpenter. Her parents, Anna and Joachim, were very happy with her choice. Mary loved Joseph who was an upright man, gentle, well known and well-liked in the village. He made the best furniture and farm implements. But God had other plans for them.