Spirit of God

Breath in me, Spirit of God,
that I may think what is holy;
drive me, Spirit of God,
that I may do what is holy;
draw me Spirit of God,
that I may love what is holy;
strengthen me, Spirit of God,
that I may preserve what is holy;
guard me, Spirit of God,
that I may never lose what is holy.

Zoom Life

The pandemic impacted everyone; I saw it as a crisis, because it limited my experience in Peru. I was here for my First Mission Assignment (FMA) program, and I was just getting to know my way around the parish when the lockdown started. As days passed by it became a new normal.

Adorable Heart of Jesus

Behold, O my most loving Jesus,
how far Your exceeding love has reached!
Of Your own Flesh and Most Precious Blood
You have prepared for me a Divine table
in order to give Yourself wholly to me.
What has impelled You to such transports of love?
Nothing else surely save Your most loving Heart.
O adorable Heart of my Jesus,
burning furnace of Divine charity,
receive my heart within Your most sacred wound;
to the end that in this school of love,
I may learn to make a return of love to the God

Coping with Quarantine

My name is Iowane Naio, a Columban seminarian from Fiji, doing my First Mission Assignment program in Lima, Peru, with the Columbans. I live in a multicultural and multinational group, one Peruvian (Fr. Gabriel), one Filipino (Fr. Dylan), two Koreans (Fr. Rafael & Fr. Francisco), and we are three Fijians (Fr. Iowane Gukibau, Atonio and myself).

Mary, Mother of Mercy

Mary, Mother of mercy, watch over all people,
that the Cross of Christ may not be emptied of its power,
that man may not stray from the path of good
or become blind to sin,
but may put his hope ever more fully in God
Who is "rich in mercy."
May he carry out the good works
prepared by God beforehand
and so live completely "for the praise of His glory."


Help Me Grow Strong Again

It’s wonderful after illness
to feel your strength returning
to feel your old self again,
to start getting on top of things.

But it takes time and patience,
just getting back into a routine,
into the swing of things
can seem like a mountain to climb,
a challenge too far.

Lord, help me grow strong again,
help me each step of the way
so that taking one step at a time,
with Your help I will come out on top.


— By a Columban Fr. Patrick Sayles