Risen Lord, You guide me in truth and love.
Help me to willingly serve Your people
so that all may know Your goodness and love.

Jesus you have authority over all creation and all of us. 
You became one of us to share in our difficulties and our hopes. 
During this time of COVID, we pray that we become one with You
sharing your patience and endurance. 
When we do we can be confident that we will share too
in the hope You promised to all who accept your love.


— By a Columban Missionary

O everlasting and Triune God,
I consecrate myself wholly to you today.
Let all my days offer you ceaseless praise,
My hands move to the rhythm of your impulses,
My feet be swift in your service,
My voice sing constantly of you,
My lips proclaim your message,
My eyes perceive you everywhere,
And my ears be attuned to your inspirations.
May my intellect be filled with your wisdom,
My will be moved by your beauty,
My heart be enraptured with your love,
And my soul be flooded with your grace.
Grant that every action of mine be done
For your greater glory
And the advancement of my salvation.


O Mother of Perpetual Help,
grant that I may ever invoke your most powerful name,
which is the safeguard of the living
and the salvation of the dying.
O purest Mary, O sweetest Mary,
let your name be forever on my lips.
O Blessed Lady, do no delay to help me,
whenever I call on you;
for, in all my temptations,
in all my needs,
I shall never cease to call on you,
ever repeating your sacred name, Mary, Mary.

O what consolation,
what sweetness,
what confidence,
what emotion,
fill my soul when I utter your sacred name,
or even only think of you.
I thank the Lord for having given you,
for my good so sweet,
so powerful, so lovely a name.
But I will not be content with merely uttering your name.
Let my love for you prompt me ever to hail you,
Mother of Perpetual Help.

When I see flowers fresh in bloom
sprung to life in spring thrill
after the dark night’s winter chill,
I think of the miracle of life
and how nature itself is renewed.
I know You can renew me in the same way, Lord.

The miracle of life is within me too
and the miracle of Your love.

Lord, put a spring in my step,
that I may thrill at life again.

Heal not only my body, Lord, but my mind and heart as well,
then I will be able to praise You like flowers in abundance.


-- By Columban Fr. Patrick Sayles

Heart of Mary ever Virgin, you are full of grace.
You are the dearest daughter of the heavenly Father,
the tabernacle of the Word made Flesh,
and the beloved home of the Holy Spirit.
You are the wonder and delight of angels,
of saints, and of men.
I offer you my deepest reverence.
With great love and thanksgiving I consecrate myself,
body and soul, to you this day,
and will never take back my word.

O Sacred Heart of Jesus,
fountain of eternal life,
Your Heart is a glowing furnace of Love.
You are my refuge and my sanctuary.
O my adorable and loving Savior,
consume my heart with the burning fire
with which Yours is aflame.
Pour down on my soul those graces
which flow from Your love.
Let my heart be united with Yours.
Let my will be conformed to Yours in all things.
May Your Will be the rule of all my desires and actions.


Blood of Jesus, inebriate me!
O Jesus, my Beloved Savior,
ever present in the Tabernacle,
to be the strength,
the joy and the food of souls,
I come to consecrate myself to Your Precious Blood,
and to pledge You my sincere love and fidelity.
Pierced with sorrow at the remembrance of Your sufferings,
the contemplation of the Cross,
and the thought of the outrages
and contempt lavished by ungrateful souls
upon Your dear Blood,
I long, O my Jesus, to bring joy to Your Heart,
and to make You forget my sins,
and those of the whole world,
by consecrating my body and soul to Your service.
I desire, my Jesus, to live henceforth,
only by Your Blood and for Your Blood.
I now choose it as my greatest treasure
and the dearest object of my love.

Lord, You teach us to love God
and neighbor unconditionally.
Help me to be faithful in showing
love and respect to all people.

Lord Jesus Christ, come and save Your people
from this pandemic. 
Heal us in mind and heart.

Grant us physical, social and spiritual blessings
so that Your grace may cover the world
with goodness and love.

Lead us to hope for a way to live
which honors Your Spirit in our hearts. 
Help us to learn to be closer to You, Lord Jesus Christ.

We pray this prayer in your Holy Name. 


— By a Columban Missionary

Lord Jesus Christ, King of kings,
you have power over life and death.
You know even things that are hidden or obscure.
And our very thoughts and feelings are open to You.
Cleanse our priests from their faults.
Give them strength, O Lord,
in their frailty and sustain them in their sufferings.
Grant them a prudent judgement, dear Lord,
and let them always be mindful of Your blessings.
Let them retain until the end Your grace
that has protected them until now.

Lord, through Your Body and Blood
You offer me the gift of eternal life.
Help me to make sacrifices and share
what I have with the poor and those in need.

O Mary, help me to keep to my purpose of living
as a faithful disciple of Jesus,
for the building up of the Christian society
and the joy of the holy Catholic Church.
I greet you, Mother, morning and evening;
I pray to you as I go on my way;
from you I hope for the inspiration
and encouragement that will enable me
to fulfill the sacred promises
of my earthly vocation,
give glory to God, and win eternal salvation.

O Mary!
Like you in Bethlehem and on Golgotha,
I too wish to stay always close to Jesus.
He is the eternal King of all ages and all peoples.


It becomes you to be mindful of us,
as you stand near Him who granted you all graces,
for you are the Mother of God and our Queen.
Help us for the sake of the King,
the Lord God and Master who was born of you.
For this reason, you are called full of grace.
Remember us, most holy Virgin,
and bestow on us gifts
from the riches of your graces,
Virgin full of graces.

Across time and tide, my Lord,
You have shown faithfulness and goodness.
You smiled at me each day in and out.
I thank You, my Lord, with all my heart.
For Your smile brought joy and peace
to my longings and yearnings in life.
For Your smile brought healing and comfort
to my pains and wounds through life.