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Daily Prayer Archive

Jesus Help me.
In every need let me come to You
with a humble trust saying,
Jesus help me.

In all my doubts,
perplexities and…

I venerate and glorify You,
O Most Blessed Trinity,
in union with the ineffable glory
with which God the Father,
in His omnipotence,…

Lord, Today, we remember the many 
brave men and women who have given 
their lives throughout the history of our country

My God of Infinite Holiness,
one in Being and three in Person,
I thank You for the many graces
with which You have bestowed
upon Your…

Loving God,
Have mercy on all who are sick this day.
Give them the courage to live with their illness.
Help them to face and overcome…

O Virgin Most Holy,
powerful help of Christians,
I confidently appeal to the throne of your mercy.
Hear the prayers of this poor sinner…

Father, Your love is as wide as the oceans
As deep as the sea and as tall as the heavens.
May your spirit rise like a mighty wave

O holy protector of those who are in greatest need,
O you who shine as a star of hope
in darkness, blessed Saint Rita,
bright mirror of…

St. Eugene De Mazenod,
Patron Saint of Dysfunctional Families,
come to the aid of all families who suffer brokenness,

I adore You, O my God,
and I love You with all my heart.
I give You thanks for creating me,
making me a Christian,
and preserving me…

My soul glorifies the Lord,
Henceforth all ages will call me Blessed.
The Almighty works marvel for me:
Holy is His name.


Lord God Almighty,
look upon Your Servant St. Stanislaus,
who with utmost zeal took upon himself,
in the foundation of a religious…

Angel-guardians of men,
spirits and powers we sing,
whom our Father has sent,
aids to our weak frame,
heavenly friends and guides,

Dear Saint Brendan,
to mention your name is to recall much traveling.
It was through your voyages
that you emerged as a popular Saint.…