Daily Prayer Archive

My Jesus, I salute Your Most Loving Heart,
and for these three reasons:
First, in thanksgiving for this great gift.
Second, to make

Lord, You are the center of my life.
Give me a trusting heart to remain faithful
to You and myself in times of self-doubt
and pers

Lord, on World Day of Prayer,
may our homes, our nation, and countries
around the world become havens of peace.
Give us grace to

Divine Savior, we come to Your sacred table
to nourish ourselves, not with bread
but with Yourself, true Bread of eternal life.

O God, who graciously bestowed on Your
Bishop Saint David of Wales the virtue of wisdom
and the gift of eloquence, and made him

Heavenly Father, You watch over me
and love me as Your child.
Help me to see all people as Your children
and treat them with gentl

O St. Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows,
obtain for our young people
the grace of following Jesus with generosity.
May they place the g

Lord, open my ears to hear Your invitation
to listen to Your Son in the Word of God
and my heart to discern what it means to be

Lord, release me from any unforgiveness
I’ve harbored in my heart,
and bitterness I’ve allowed to linger,
any resentments I’ve al

Lord, You answer when I call for help.
Help me to put Your golden rule into practice
that I may be a source of healing and love for othe

Lord God almighty, Father of Jesus Christ,
Your dear Son through whom
we have come to know You,
God of the angels and powers,

Gracious God, on Ash Wednesday we begin
a period of inner reflection and examination. 
The days of Lent stretch before me 
and invit

My dear Savior,
I unite all my affections with the affections
of Your most loving Heart,
and I offer them with You to Your Eternal F

Lord, we offer our prayers on behalf of our president.
Draw him into a strong relationship with You.
Thank You for this one who has pled