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Teach Me to Honor You

July 17, 2018

Heavenly Wine,
giver of purity and strength,
pour down upon my soul.
Make of my heart a living chalice
from which grace shall constantly flow
on those that love You,
and especially on poor sinners that offend You.
Teach me to honor You
and to make You honored by others.
Give me power to draw to You cold and hardened hearts,
that they may feel how infinitely
Your consolations surpass those of the world.

Prayer to Our Lady of Mt. Carmel

July 16, 2018

You who, with special mercy,
look upon those clothed in Your beloved Habit,
cast a glance of pity upon me.
Fortify my weakness with Your strength;
enlighten the darkness of my mind with Your wisdom;
increase my faith,
hope and charity.
Assist me during life,
console me by Your presence at my death,
and present me to the August trinity as Your devoted child,
that I may bless You for all eternity in Paradise.


Your Will Be Done, Lord

July 15, 2018

To You I desire to consecrate all my thoughts,
words, actions, and sufferings;
that I may think of You, speak of You,
willingly refer all my actions to Your greater glory,
and suffer willingly whatever You shall appoint.

Lord, I desire that in all things Your will may be done;
because it is Your will,
and in the manner that You desire.

I beg of You to enlighten my understanding,
to inflame my will,
to purify my body,
and to sanctify my soul.

Keep Me in Your Grace

July 14, 2018

I cling to You and give myself to You
and ask You by Your compassion
to watch over me in my weakness.
Holding the pierced Feet of Jesus
and looking at His Five Wounds
and trusting in His Precious Blood
and adoring His opened Side and stricken Heart,
I implore You Adorable Spirit,
helper of my infirmity,
so to keep me in Your grace
that I may never sin against You.
Give me grace O Holy Ghost,
Spirit of the Father and the Son,
to say to You always and everywhere,
Speak Lord, for Your servant is listening.


Your Act of Charity

July 13, 2018

Out of love it was that You came down to take our flesh;
and when about to depart from this world to the Father,
You left to us this Sacrament as a pledge of Your love,
that after a new and wondrous manner
You might abide with us forever.
O Lord how worthy are You of Love,
who does so much for love of us!
Wherefore I will love You, O Lord,
my Strength, my Refuge, and my Deliverer.
O God, You are true Love!
He that dwells in love dwells in You.
May I be more firmly united with You in the bond of love.
Who shall separate me from the love of Christ my Saviour?
O that neither life, nor death,
nor any creature may have power to do so.


Prayer For the Season

July 12, 2018

God, You are the source of all life.
You created me and formed me in my mother’s womb.
(Psalm 139)

You gave Your only Son Jesus so that I may
have live, and have it to the full.
(John 10:10)

You shaped me and blew the breath of life
into me and made me become a living being.
(Genesis 2:7)

My pride and selfishness makes me think I am God,
and this blinds me to think that I live for myself.
Your servant St. Paul reminds me that while I live,
I live for You, God, and if I die, I am Yours.
(Romans 14:8)

Facing the music of life that it offers,
the challenges at times makes me “cut out”
myself from the very source of life.
I am like the branch that cuts out from the true vine.
(John 15:5)

When I am not connected to the source of life or the true vine,
I really feel empty, and it makes me think
that life is not worth living.
The source of life fills me with all the blessings and graces I need.

Restore me that I may be one with You.
You are my life.

- Columban Fr. Taaremon Matauea

Accept My Prayers

July 11, 2018

O merciful Redeemer,
stoop to regard me as a perpetual adorer
of Your Most Precious Blood,
and be pleased to accept my prayers,
my deeds and my sacrifices,
as so many acts of reparation and love.
Through Your Precious Blood I will be saved.

Save Me, O God

July 10, 2018

O my God, make me prudent in my undertakings,
courageous in dangers,
patient in afflictions,
and humble in prosperity.
Grant that I may be ever attentive at my prayers,
temperate at my meals,
diligent in my employments,
and constant in my resolutions.

Let my conscience be ever upright and pure,
my exterior modest,
my conversation edifying,
and my conduct steady.

Assist me, that I may continually labor to overcome nature,
to correspond with Your grace,
to keep Your commandments,
and to work out my salvation.

Precious Blood of Jesus

July 9, 2018

Blood of Jesus, inebriate me!
O Jesus, my Beloved Savior,
ever present in the Tabernacle,
to be the strength,
the joy and the food of souls,
I come to consecrate myself to Your Precious Blood,
and to pledge You my sincere love and fidelity.
Pierced with sorrow at the remembrance of Your sufferings,
the contemplation of the Cross,
and the thought of the outrages
and contempt lavished by ungrateful souls
upon Your dear Blood,
I long, O my Jesus,
to bring joy to Your Heart,
and to make You forget my sins,
and those of the whole world,
by consecrating my body and soul to Your service.
I desire, my Jesus, to live henceforth,
only by Your Blood and for Your Blood.
I now choose It as my greatest treasure
and the dearest object of my love.

How Great Is Your Love

July 8, 2018

O Most Sweet Savior, Jesus Christ,
how great was Your love,
which drew You from the bosom of the Father
to this vale of tears,
to take our flesh and endure infinite miseries and wrongs,
even the death of the Cross,
and that only for us miserable sinners
and for our salvation.
O how great was Your love!
Your mightiest have condemned us,
and You chose to save us:
we were guilty,
and You, the sinless One,
endured our punishment to set us free.

I Offer Myself to You

July 7, 2018

On my knees before the great multitude of heavenly witnesses,
I offer myself soul and body to You,
Eternal Spirit of God.
I adore the brightness of Your purity,
the unerring keenness of Your justice,
and the might of Your love.
You are the Strength and Light of my soul.
In You I live and move and am.
I desire never to grieve You by unfaithfulness to grace,
and I pray with all my heart to be kept
from the smallest sin against You.
Mercifully guard my every thought
and grant that I may always watch for Your light
and listen to Your voice
and follow Your gracious inspirations.

I am Your Own

July 6, 2018

My Queen and my Mother,
I give myself entirely to you;
and to show my devotion to you,
I consecrate to you this day my eyes,
my ears, my mouth, my heart,
my whole being without reserve.
Wherefore, good Mother,
as I am your own,
keep me, guard me,
as your property and possession.


A Prayer of Confidence in God

July 5, 2018

In You, O God, I put my trust.

In you, O God, I have experienced Your grace.
My trust and confidence come from knowing You, O Lord.
It is the reason I have confidence in Your goodness, O Lord.

In time of pain and misery, I have confidence in You, O Lord,
since You stay faithful and listen compassionately to me.
In times when I cannot get out of darkness,
You are there to raise me with Your love.
You embrace me like a lost son
looking for affirmation and assurance.
Your love and presence to me, Lord,
is why I have confidence in You.

I have confidence in You, Lord, since
You have helped me through others.
In the thickness of things, You stay close to me
like a trustworthy friend.
You do not judge me in my shortcomings,
but Your gaze of love melts my heart.

You, O Lord, are full of love and compassion
towards a broken-hearted soul.
Your gaze is what gives me the confidence
to get up and journey on in life.
I have no confidence in money or power that five false security.
I have no confidence in fame, prestige, or the praise of others.
I have no confidence in pride, achievement, or success.

But I have every confidence in your
unconditional love and goodness.
I have every confidence in your mercy and forgiveness.
It is this confidence in Your, O Lord,
that draws me closer and closer to You.

- Columban Fr. Felisiano Fatu

Renew Our Faith in Freedom

July 4, 2018

Eternal God, stir our minds
and stimulate our hearts
with a high sense of patriotism
on this Fourth of July.
May all that this day symbolizes
renew our faith in freedom,
our devotion to democracy,
and redouble our efforts to keep
a government of the people,
by the people,
and for the people
truly alive in our world.

Prayer for Our Nation

July 3, 2018

Loving God, on the eve of our Nation’s birthday,
grant that we may renew our resolve
to dedicate ourselves to ushering in
an era when good will shall live
in the hearts of a free people,
justice shall be the light to guide their feet,
and peace shall be the goal of humankind:
to the glory of your holy name
and the good of our Nation and of all mankind.



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