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Small Steps

Every first Sunday of the month, the diocese weekly newsletter advertised the Come & See gathering for prospective participants in the…

Each Day Is an Opportunity

Embrace each new day as an opportunity to write the next chapter of your story. Remember, every challenge you face is a chance for

A Hope to Life Anew

A shimmer of light I saw
Beckoning me to go…. Ah! HOPE
To freedom, I go

Cleanse My Heart and Mind

My God, enable me to carry You,
for You alone can’t.

Keep Us from All Evil

O Lord, by the merits and prayers
of the Blessed Virgin Mary
and of all Your saints,

Sts. Philip and James Teach Us

O God, You gladden us by the yearly feast day
of Your Apostles Philip and James;

I Want to Give Thanks

Dear Lord, at times I need to speak out my worries and needs. 

St. Athanasius Doctor of the Church

O St. Athanasius, holy doctor of the Church,
you armed the Mystical Body of Christ

My Pentecost in Birmingham

The Sunday Feast of the Pentecost in 2023 fell on May 28. What is the Feast of Pentecost some people might ask? As described in that Sunday Gospel…

All My Trust

If I could stand before the crucifixion of Jesus on Calvary what would I feel or think? What would I do or say? What would you do or say? The…