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Lord, Cure My Sleeplessness

Lord Jesus Christ,
During Your earthly sojourn
You went sleepless at times
and spent whole nights in prayer.
But there were many other times when You slept.
I cannot seem to get to sleep these nights
and I cannot even pray.

Please help me cure this sickness, Lord,
for I desperately need sleep to do my work
and to behave as a pleasant human being
as well as to act in a Christian manner.
Enable me to get a good night’s sleep,
or at least to spend my time in prayer with You.

Thank You Lord.

Hear Me, O Lord

Lord, You are love.
Grant me the gift of awareness
that my words, actions and attitudes may reflect
Your way of peace and harmony.

Hear, O Lord, the sound of my call.
Take away whatever prevents me
from looking at my sisters and brothers
with the eyes of unconditional love.

Prepared By the Lord

It has been slightly over one year since I was assigned to Taiwan as a lay missionary by the Missionary Society of St. Columban. I remember the first time I began life as a missionary about two years ago. At that time, I had to spend a lot of time thinking, discerning and praying before I

Prayer to St. Camillus De Lellis

Most merciful Father,
in many ways You have shown Your love
and care to Your people,
especially to the poor and the sick.
Because Your servant St. Camillus
has shown Your compassion in an admirable manner,
You have welcomed him among Your saints.
We graciously put in St. Camillus’ hands ourselves
and our loved ones, and through his intercession
we beg You to grant us Your abundant graces
through Jesus Christ, our Lord.


Prayer to Our Lady of Mt. Carmel

O God, who has honored the Order of Carmel
with the special title of Your Blessed Mother Mary,
grant in Your mercy that we who keep her memory this day
may be shielded by her protection and be found 
worthy to attain eternal joy.
Who lives and reigns with God the Father
in the unity of the Holy Spirit, world without end.


Prayer of St. Bonaventure to the Holy Spirit

We beg the all-merciful Father through You,
to send upon us from His treasure-house
the Spirit of sevenfold grace, who rested upon You
in all His fullness:

the spirit of wisdom,
enabling us to relish the fruit of the tree of life,
which is indeed thyself;

the gift of understanding:
to enlighten our perceptions;

the gift of prudence,
enabling us to follow in Thy footsteps;

the gift of strength:
to withstand our adversary’s onslaught;

the gift of knowledge:

Prayer to St. Kateri Tekakwitha

O St. Kateri, the daughter of an Iroquois chief, 
at age 19 you chose to be baptized and treated 
as a slave among your people. 
Obtain for me a very fervent devotion to the Holy Eucharist
so that I may love Holy Mass as you did
and receive Holy Communion as often as I can.
Teach me also to be devoted
to my crucified Savior as you were,
that I may cheerfully bear my daily crosses
for love of Him Who suffered so much for love of me.
Most of all I beg you to pray for me that I may avoid sin,