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Prayer to St. John Gualbert

Almighty and ever-living God,
source of peace and lover of harmony,

Respect, Sympathy and Honesty

Dear Jesus,
The conflict in the Middle East tears at my heart 

A Heart Full of Love

St. Benedict, graciously obtain
for me from God the favors and graces

A Wonderful Day

Dear God, today, please remind my friends

Craft Your Story

Embrace the journey, for it is the path to your dreams.

Your Loving Kindness

Lord, we pray that you look with favor

What's in a Name

When we make new acquaintances, our name is certainly the next big thing to be shared after an exchange of warm greetings. Some would even go as…

Will of God

Lord, You reveal to us the will of God.

Sign of Your Fidelity

Dear Jesus, 
Your presence in the Blessed Sacrament 

Dear Little Saint

Dear Little Saint Maria Goretti.
Your days were spent in the filth of the marshes,