June/July 2016


June 2016

By Fr. Peter Woodruff

Bishop Jin, the late bishop of Shanghai, who died aged 97 years in 2013, was Agnes Dong’s great-grandmother’s cousin.


By Marivic H. Mercene

Noh Hyein, better known as Anna (pronounced En-na), a teacher by profession, came to the Philippines in April 2011 with three other Korean women.


By Fr. Joe Broderick

When we think of the missionary work of the Columbans in Japan, we must not forget the Trojan work done by the Japanese catechists.


By Joan Yap

I've been here in Taiwan for many years already, and I find it very interesting that a lot of my "kababayan" (countrymen) wanted to work abroad.


By Columban Fr. Bobby Gilmore

My name is Olajoke Ajikolu, and I am from Nigeria. I have five brothers and a sister, and life seemed to be pretty hard for us.


By Sr. Miriam Cousins

If I were to describe my twelve years ministering to prostitutes, I would have to say I felt truly powerless on the one hand and deeply aware of God’s presence on the…


By Marilyn Madigan

During the 122 year history of the Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians (LAOH), there has been a special relationship with various Catholic institutions.


By Fr. Tim Mulroy

During the national convention of the Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians (LAOH) in St.


By Monaliza Esteban

I wonder if the Blessed Virgin was limping during her old age? Nevertheless, I think she will still be there doing what God the Father asked of her.


By Columban Fr. Denis Carter

Editor’s Note: In November 2015, Julia Corcoran spent a week with Columban lay missionaries from Chile and the Philippines who are working in Britain.


By Dee Ramp

The Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians is a Sisterhood of Irish and Irish-American, Catholic Women.