Pray for Your People

Holy Mary, help the miserable,
strengthen the discouraged,
comfort the sorrowful,
pray for your people, plead for the clergy,
intercede for all women consecrated to God.
May all who venerate you
feel now your help and protection.
Be ready to help us when we pray,
and bring back to us the answers to our prayers.
Make it your continual concern to pray
for the people of God, for you were blessed by God
and were made worthy to bear the Redeemer of the world,
who lives and reigns forever.


Prayer to St. Cecilia

O Eternal God, who gave us,
in the person of St. Cecilia, a powerful protectress,
grant that after having faithfully passed our days,
like herself, in innocence and holiness,
we may one day attain the land of beatitude,
where in concert with her, we may praise You
and bless You forevermore in eternity.


You Rescued a Fallen World

Blessed Virgin Mary,
who can worthily repay you with praise
and thanks for having rescued a fallen world
by your generous consent!
Receive our gratitude, and by your prayers
obtain the pardon of our sins.
Take our prayers into the sanctuary of heaven
and enable them to make our peace with God.

Lord, I Don’t Mean to Complain

There are times when I realize I’ve complained
too much and others seem to avoid me.
It’s just that I feel so low at times, so exhausted,
so unwell, and everything is a real effort,
it all gets too much.
Lord, please help me, help me to be patient
in my trouble and sickness.
Help me not to complain, help me to put my trust in You.
I know You see and understand all that I’m going through.
You know how hard the long days and nights can be.
You are my comfort, the one who understands me.
Lord, help me to always trust in You.

I Love You Sweet Mary

O loving, sweet Mary,
Where do I aspire?
It is my hope to love thee,
This is my desire.

I would ever be near thee,
Queen most fair and sweet!
Do not, do not drive me
From my Mother's feet.

Then, O Rose most lovely!
Let me hear from thee.
Loving Mother! tell me
What you want of me.

More I cannot offer,
Though I bring my heart;
Lovingly I give it,
Never from you to part.

Lady, you did take it,
It is no longer mine:
Long since you loved it,
And its love was thine!

"Immigrant of the Year" Award

For the past fourteen years Korea has been honoring individual immigrants who have made significant contributions to the country declaring them “Immigrants of the Year.” Columban priest missionary Fr. Donal O’ Keeffe, a native of Bantry, Cork, Ireland, was the latest recipient of this honor. On

Prayer to St. Elizabeth of Hungary

St. Elizabeth, although you were born into royalty,
you saw God in the poor of your country.
With your wealth, you cared for the poor
and the suffering, and built hospitals for the sick.
You saw your work as an extension of your faith.
Move my heart to see all those who suffer with compassion.
Remove all doubt and judgement from my soul
and help me see all as you saw them: Children
of God and reflections of our Creator.
Please pray for those who care for the sick and poor,
and watch over all those who work in hospitals,

Prayer for the Feast of St. Gertrude

O God, Who in the heart of the holy virgin Gertrude
provided for Yourself a dwelling well-pleasing to You:
through her merits and intercession, in Your mercy,
wash away the stains from our hearts,
and grant that we may enjoy fellowship with her.
Through our Lord Jesus Christ, Your Son,
Who lives and reigns with You
in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God,
world without end.