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Prayer to St. Andrew the Apostle

O Christ, our Lord,
Who beautified the most blessed Andrew
with the grace of apostleship,
and the crown of martyrdom,
by granting to him this special gift,
that by preaching the mystery of the cross,
he should merit death on the cross;
grant us to become most true lovers of Your holy cross,
and denying ourselves, to take up our cross
and follow You; that by sharing Your sufferings
in this life, we may deserve the happiness
of obtaining life everlasting.


Lord, Be Our Help and Support

We beg You, Lord, to be our help and our support.
Free us from our troubles; take pity on the lowly;
raise up those who have fallen;
give help to the poor, health to the sick,
and bring home those who have wandered away.
Feed the hungry, ransom captives,
give strength to the weak and courage to the faint-hearted.
Let all peoples come to know that You alone are God,
that Jesus Christ is Your son, and that we are Your people
and the sheep of Your flock.

Forgive My Failings

Father of Mercy, forgive my failings,
keep me in Your Grace, and lead me
in the way of salvation.
Give me strength in serving You
as a follower of Christ.
May the Eucharist bring me Your Forgiveness
and give me freedom to serve You all my life.
May it help me to remain faithful
and give me the grace I need in Your service.
May it teach me the way to eternal life.


Dear Jesus, Advent begins
on the last Sunday of November.
We prepare ourselves for Your coming
among us – for Your first coming
at Bethlehem – for Your coming again
at the end of time, and more immediately
Your coming to us in our day-to-day lives.
We meet You in the Bible,
in celebrating the Mass and in prayer,
in our meeting with others, especially the poor
and all those who have less in life.
Free us from the distractions
that separate us from You.
Open our eyes and ears and hearts.


Prayer to Blessed James Alberione

Lord, glorify Blessed James Alberione in your Church.
Let him be for all of us a light, guide and support
in the work of our sanctification and in our apostolate.
Open the way for evangelization through the media
so that the presence of Jesus Master,
the Way, Truth and Life, may shine on the world
through Mary, Mother and Queen of Apostles.
Grant me the grace I am praying for at this time.


Prayer of St. Columban

Lord, may everything we do this day
begin with Your blessing and continue with Your help.

May everything we say this day
begin with Your love and continue with Your grace.

May everything we plan this day
begin with Your inspiration and continue with Your peace.

So that throughout our lives all that we begin in You
may by You be happily ended, and all that we seek
through You may be lovingly attended.


- By St. Columban

Fifty Years in Fiji

“Do this in memory of me.” Following Christ’s command, on Easter Sunday, April 2, 1972, Bishop John McCormack of Meath ordained John McEvoy and his nine classmates into the priesthood of Christ as Columban missionary priests in Dalgan Park, Navan, Ireland. Later that year,