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Most Holy Name of Mary

O Almighty God, who sees Your servants
earnestly desirous of placing themselves
under the shadow of the name and protection
of the Most Holy Virgin Mary; grant, we ask You,
that by her charitable intercession,
we may be delivered from all evil on earth
and may arrive at everlasting joys in Heaven.
Through Jesus Christ Our Lord.


Prayer for Deceased Parents

It was You, O God, who commanded us
to honor our father and mother.
In Your kindness have mercy
on the souls of our parents,
and forgive them their sins.
Grant that we may see them again
in the brightness of Your everlasting glory.
We ask this through Your Son,
our Lord, Jesus Christ.


A Prayer for Friendship

Jesus, loving companion of Your children,
You have extended Your friendship to all.
You opened Your arms without discrimination,
offering Your warmth to those seeking comfort.
Endow me with the virtue of such a friendship,
to know, love, and trust all on an equal basis;
to share my patronizing without favoritism,
and to be pleasant towards the destitute.
Fashion my heart to reflect Your qualities,
those befitting of a cordial association.
Jesus, You showed me the way to true friendship:
Blessed is Your amazing and warm Person!

Prayer to St. Peter Claver

O God, You called St. Peter Claver,
to minister to the slaves of West Africa 
that he might help them survive, and 
blessed him with marvelous patience and charity.
Now, listen to his prayers on our behalf, 
grant that we seek only the things 
which are of Jesus Christ, and thereby 
love our neighbor in deed and in truth.
Through the same Christ our Lord,
who with You and the Holy Spirit 
lives and reigns forever and ever


Most Lovable Mother Mary

Most lovable Mother Mary,
our Father in Heaven created you with delight.
You are His creature whom He made worthy
to become the holy Mother of His Son.
You were born into a family of Saints.
Pray for me today that my joy in your Son will increase
and that my family may become more holy.

Our Lady, on this feast of your birth,
please pray for stronger and holier marriages.


Holy Angels Intercede for Me

Bless the Lord, all you His angels.
You who are mighty in strength and do His will,
intercede for me at the throne of God.
By your unceasing watchfulness
protect me in every danger of soul and body.
Obtain for me the grace of final perseverance,
so that after this life I may be admitted
to your glorious company and with you
may sing the praises of God for all eternity.

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart

Remember, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart,
the great things the Lord has done for you;
He chose you for His mother,
He wanted you close to His cross,
He gives you a share in His glory.
He listens to your prayer.
Offer Him our prayers of praise and thanksgiving.
Let us live like you in the love of your Son
that His Kingdom may come.
Lead all people to the source of living water
that flows from His Heart,
spreading over the world hope
and salvation, justice, and peace.
See our trust in you; answer our prayer.

Prayer to St. Teresa of Calcutta

O Saint Teresa of Calcutta, 
Jesus called you to bring the light of His love 
to those who live in darkness. 
By tender, loving care for the poorest and neediest, 
you became the sign of God’s presence, His love 
and compassion in the midst of suffering and pain.

Help us to follow your example and recognize 
the face of Jesus in our suffering brothers and sisters 
and to serve Him with humility and joy. 
Teach us to be carriers of God’s love and mercy 
and bear witness that God still loves the world 
through each one of us.