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March/April 2018

March/April 2018


March 2018

By Fr. Kurt Zion Pala

What is the largest organ of our body? The skin. This is probably the reason that among the senses, touch is the first to develop in the human infant, and it remains…


By Fr. Donal O'Keefe

At the end of WWII, Korea was divided at the 38th parallel.


By Josfa Vasakula

Veidrala village lies on the Northen coast of Nakorotubu in Ra, Fiji.


Easter 2017 brought an unexpected challenge to the residents of St. Columban's Retirement Home, Bristol, Rhode Island.


By Oisin Kenny

January 6, 2017, was the Feast of the Epiphany also known as in Chile as La Pascua de los Negros (Passover of the Blacks).


By Martin Koroiciri

Chile is a country that has its beauty in so many diverse ways that for the two years I had journeyed with the Columbans there I realized there is more to learn about…


By Columban Missionaries, Australia/New Zealand Region

You travel a long way from the United States of America to reach Australia which is accurately described as "Down Under." New Zealand is also "Down Under," a little bit…


By Fr. Timothy Mulroy

Since the St. Joseph church compound was close to the central bus station, many homeless men came there. Some requested food, while others slept under the verandahs.


By Fr. Bobby Gilmore

Matt was a bachelor farmer. He was consigned to bachelorhood probably because his mother lived way beyond the Biblical three score and ten.


By Fr. Bobby Gilmore

Miss Evelyn used to stand on the side of the Long Hill road near the junction. She waited for a lift to Mass each Sunday morning.


By Fr. Tim Mulroy

When the last group of Columban missionaries left Myanmar in 1979, they did so with heavy hearts.


Sr. Redempta Twomey

"Remember your last end," scripture admonishes us. Yet it seems that few people do, or maybe they remember when they attend a funeral or hear of a friend's death.