Child imprisonment

When Children Are Set Free

Recently, we at the PREDA Foundation have opened a new home for troubled boys which was possible with the help of our supporters. The children in the PREDA homes can be 10 to 15 years old.

Fr. Shay Cullen January 2, 2019

Grief and Loss

The poet Robert Browning writes:

I walked a mile with Pleasure;
She chattered all the way
But left me none the wiser
For all she had to say.

By A Columban Missionary January 1, 2019

On Being Comforted

"Where do you find comfort", you asked,
and I found myself at a loss for an answer.
I am accustomed to comforting others
and now, when I need comforting,
where do I find it?

By Columban Fr. Cyril Lovett January 1, 2019
Peace on Earth

Merry Christmas!

May you and your loved ones, experience the gift of “God with us,” as you share food, companionship and joy in celebration of His coming. May your New Year be filled with the blessings and peace of His presence.

December 3, 2018

Let Them Guess

Notes from  a Missionary's Diary

By Fr. Frank Hoare December 1, 2018

Columban Sisters' Christmas Letter Exerpt

Excerpt from Christmas letter from the Columban Sisters living and working in Myanmar

By Columban Sr. Kathleen December 1, 2018

Interfaith Keeps Us All Safer

When Columbans began working in the parish of Greentown, Lahore, Pakistan, in 2007, I tried to build up Christian-Muslim relations, for example hosting Iftar dinners during Ramadan.  The local Catholics were largely resistant to these efforts, given the negativity they normally experience from Mu

By Fr. Liam O'Callahan December 1, 2018
Iftar is the evening meal with which Muslims end their daily Ramadan fast at sunset.


Ramadan is the Holy Month for Muslims. This takes place during the ninth lunar month of Ramadan. Muslims are required to abstain from food and drink from dawn till sunset. Last year this happened to be in the very hot summer days.

Fr. Daniel O'Connor November 1, 2018

In Thanksgiving

"The joy of the Gospel is for all people: no one can be excluded" — Pope Francis, Evangelii Gaudium

By Sr. Redempta Twomey November 1, 2018

Reconciliation in the Indian culture

My friend Prabhu Dass arrived at the Naleba church just as I finished my meager breakfast. "Father, Let's go to my uncle's house to persuade the old man to come to a funeral in Lagalaga today." 

By Fr. Frank Hoare November 1, 2018
SunHee Kim

Ask, See, Knock

In January 2015 I began a new ministry in Payatas, the Philippines, known as the second Smokey mountain. I am assigned with Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) center for special children. In the center, the physical therapy and learning program are offered to the children three times a week.

By Columban Lay Missionary SunHee Kim October 1, 2018
Migrants on rescue ship Aquarius

The Migrants that Seek a Welcome

Let us look at ourselves as human beings with dignity, values, and inalienable human rights. We are persons not like the animals that see enemies and rivals all around them in the wild and they fight and kill for food and survival.

By Fr. Shay Cullen October 1, 2018

The Angelus Bell

I am half way through my two months stay in Nacemaki Village after my course in the Fijian language. The villagers are very welcoming and friendly. I eat with different families every day.

By Fr. Frank Hoare October 1, 2018
Streetwatch volunteers patrol areas in an effort to deter criminal activity.

Serving People on the Edge of Life

About 18 months ago, after leaving the parish of St. Catherine’s, I felt called to go and explore opportunities of volunteering with groups which are responding to the various needs of the communities in Birmingham, England, and in particular in the Saltley, Alum Rock area of East Birmingham.

Fr. Ray Collier September 4, 2018


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