Daily Prayer

Relieve My Pain

O Mary, crowned with stars,
who has the moon for your footstool
and who sits enthroned above all the choirs of Angels,
turn your eyes toward this vale of tears,
and hear the voice of one
who puts all his hope and trust in you.

Now you rejoiced in the endless bliss of paradise;
but once you endured the miseries of this our exile
and you know how bitter are the days of him who eats the bread of sorrow.

Help me throw off the yoke of sin
Grant that I may run to your protection
and your loving arms of help and consolation.

My Savior, Be My Strength

Blood of my Crucified Savior,
detach me from the world,
and the spirit of the world.
Make me humble in life and sacrifice,
after the example of St. Catherine of Sienna,
who loved You so much.

O Precious Blood,
be my strength amid the trials and struggles of exile.
Grant that at the hour of death
I may be able to bless You
for having been the comfort
and the sanctification of my soul,
before becoming, in Heaven,
the everlasting object of my love and praise.

I Accept Your Will

O Lord, my God,
from this day I accept
from Your hand willingly
and with submission,
the kind of life that it may please You to send me,
with all its sorrows, pains, and anguish.
Into Your hands, O Lord,
I commend my spirit.

Fill My Heart

Give me strength, O my God,
to absolve my offences,
to overcome temptations,
to subdue my passions,
and to acquire the virtues proper in my life.

Fill my heart with tender affection for Your goodness,
hatred for my faults,
love for my neighbor,
and contempt of the world.

May Your grace help me to be submissive to my superiors,
condescending to my inferiors,
faithful to my friends,
and charitable to my enemies.

Through Your goodness, thy will be done.

God’s Love

O God, how precious I am to You.
Since the beginning of time,
You were there for me.

You were there when I was happy;
You were there when I was sad.
You never left me.

Once when I felt so alone,
so broken and in grief,
I thought You had left me.

But I was wrong because You never left me.
It was me, O God, who had left, It was me,
who did not seek, did not trust, did not
surrender to Your love.

Enlighten Our Minds

O Mary, dear Mother, enlighten our minds, and warm our hearts; 
let that pure love which streams forth from your eyes, 
spread itself abroad and bring forth those wondrous fruits
which Your Son purchased for us by the shedding of His Blood, 
the while You suffered they most bitter torments at the foot of His Cross.

Teach Me to Honor You

Heavenly Wine,
giver of purity and strength,
pour down upon my soul.
Make of my heart a living chalice
from which grace shall constantly flow
on those that love You,
and especially on poor sinners that offend You.
Teach me to honor You
and to make You honored by others.
Give me power to draw to You cold and hardened hearts,
that they may feel how infinitely
Your consolations surpass those of the world.

Prayer to Our Lady of Mt. Carmel

You who, with special mercy,
look upon those clothed in Your beloved Habit,
cast a glance of pity upon me.
Fortify my weakness with Your strength;
enlighten the darkness of my mind with Your wisdom;
increase my faith,
hope and charity.
Assist me during life,
console me by Your presence at my death,
and present me to the August trinity as Your devoted child,
that I may bless You for all eternity in Paradise.


Your Will Be Done, Lord

To You I desire to consecrate all my thoughts,
words, actions, and sufferings;
that I may think of You, speak of You,
willingly refer all my actions to Your greater glory,
and suffer willingly whatever You shall appoint.

Lord, I desire that in all things Your will may be done;
because it is Your will,
and in the manner that You desire.

I beg of You to enlighten my understanding,
to inflame my will,
to purify my body,
and to sanctify my soul.

Keep Me in Your Grace

I cling to You and give myself to You
and ask You by Your compassion
to watch over me in my weakness.
Holding the pierced Feet of Jesus
and looking at His Five Wounds
and trusting in His Precious Blood
and adoring His opened Side and stricken Heart,
I implore You Adorable Spirit,
helper of my infirmity,
so to keep me in Your grace
that I may never sin against You.
Give me grace O Holy Ghost,
Spirit of the Father and the Son,
to say to You always and everywhere,
Speak Lord, for Your servant is listening.


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